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Jet Weld Inc. can design and install catwalks, stairs and platforms in stages, before or after the piping is complete.

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Welcome to Jet Weld Incorporated, We are a Veteran owned Industrial Building Contractor specializing in pipe fabrication, pipe and tank insulation and light metal fabrication from coast to coast. If your organization is in need of new process piping, or you would like an integrity test performed on existing piping, we would like to hear from you. Our many years of industrial plant insulating and shipyard building experience are at your service.

   Jet Weld Inc. can also install your new machinery and equipment, or remove and relocate existing equipment. When dealing with rigging large and heavy equipment into critical locations our experience is quite extensive. Feel free to ask us about our qualification, training and safety record, all of which we are proud of.

   Please call us at Jet Weld Inc. if you would like discuss a future design/build or repair project for your facility. I guarantee your time spent with us will not be wasted.

Thank You for your consideration.

Michael S. Ledbetter

President / Owner


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